Empowering human potential in business

Self awareness and self management

For professionals who are interested in taking more charge of their career and personal development by increasing their self awareness.

Leadership development

For leaders or leadership candidates who want to develop themselves more profoundly to make the next step in their career.

Team development

For teams that want to improve their wellbeing and performance and for new teams in the process of starting up.

About you

Are you a highly skilled professional? Do you recognize any of the following emotional states when you are at work?

You ask yourself frequently “Why am I doing this?”, “What do I do here?” or “I have no idea where I am going”. More here…

You frequently encounter obstacles, feel constrained, feel like having no perspective anymore or feel like being on a dead end road. More here…

You have too many choices and you feel stressed about it because you cannot decide. More here…

You feel bored at work, you are missing to be challenged or you are feeling tired without having done too much. More here…

You don’t feel comfortable at work, but you don’t know why. It is even difficult to explain what you are feeling. More here…

You are not really sure about your job and are curious to find out if there would be more on your career path. More here…

We clarify and enable

In our approach we offer you insight and clarity, which enables you to view your situation from a different perspective.

You define and decide

We appreciate your wisdom and common sense. Once you understand your new reality we can facilitate you in defining your next step and in making decisions.

You get empowered

Meet yourself and learn to see yourself with new eyes. Experience a new journey, feel truly understood as well as challenged.


discover yourself


make your next step


follow your path



Curious? Let’s meet and greet

We assess inside-out and outside-in simultaneously and combine our particular fields of expertise to support our clients in the best way possible.

What is in it for YOU?


  1. break your vicious circle
  2. give direction to your career
  3. gain control over your professional development
  4. take better decisions
  5. develop fruitful relationships with your management and colleagues
  6. reduce stress at work
  7. feel stimulated and energised on your path forward

What is in it for your EMPLOYER?

Self-aware employees

  1. eager to make the best match with the company
  2. keeping increased intrinsic motivation
  3. improving performance by using their discovered ‘hidden’ qualities
  4. demonstrating stronger ties with the company and a greater degree of loyalty
  5. enjoying more satisfaction at work and beyond


Years of experience


Read what our clients think about us

I was recommended Bluetivity by one of my colleagues. The programme was easy to follow and they were extremely flexible to my needs in both location and time. The process of looking at my development internally as well as externally I found to be truly enlightening. Although the first psychological part was hard emotionally, I came out of the process in a much better place. The question I posed at the start was thoroughly investigated and I am 100% confident I am now on the right path thanks to Maron and Frans. Even though I have been skeptical of life coaches in the past, if you have a significant dilemma or decision to make regarding what direction to take, I would highly recommend Bluetivity to support you.

Bluetivity offers a truly unique coaching experience. Their inside out, outside in approach not only prompted deep personal reflection, but it also placed my values and behaviours in the context of my working environment. Maron and Frans balance empathy and confrontation in a way that challenges and motivates you to be a better you. They genuinely want you to achieve your goals, and they’ll help you get there.

Bluetivity’s approach to finding your true strengths and motivations really helps to put things in perspective. It helped me finding my right direction to a fulfilling life and career.

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