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For us Bluetivity is associated to Blue Zones. Blue Zones are specific areas in the world where people live significantly longer than people in other areas. Their longevity is the result of having a purpose in life, moving naturally, maintaining low stress levels, applying the 80/20-rule, fostering family-relationships and friendship and guarding against exhaustion. Moreover, we associate Bluetivity with dynamics and positive characteristics like: activity, creativity, adaptivity, motivity, ecotivity, collectivity, connectivity, affectivity, sensitivity, positivity and effectivity.

We envisage a world in which people feel comfortable at work as much as they do at home.

We constantly adapt to market needs. In order to make that happen we combine organic growth with attracting enthusiastic partners and associates who are specialists in their fields of expertise. A partnership structure facilitates this at best.

Our logo expresses flowering (white shoot of a plant) and multidisciplinarity (mixture of colours). It means combining and empowering everyone’s unique capabilities to create growth, both for the benefit of the individuals involved and for the company. 

Our mission

Empowering human potential in business

We believe that people who enjoy what they do and who experience personal fulfillment make an organization more successful in reaching its objectives.

We love to enable people in unfolding their capacities for the benefit of themselves and the organization they work for.

We appreciate Simon Sinek’s quote: “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”

How we differentiate ourselves from others

As a team we

consider both man and his (work) environment, including the associated interaction

apply multidisciplinarity: a unique combination of depth psychology, business expertise, coaching and knowledge of the high-tech industry

focus on the mental well-being of the individual or team in his/its specific work environment

consider energy as the leading factor in our services

are coaches and mentors who are people-oriented and share realism, respect, honesty, justice and humanity as important values

Support of UN SDG’s

Sustainable Development Goals

We support the Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world as defined by the United Nations. In particular, we focus on the following.

Decent work and economic growth

We empower our clients by offering them self-awareness and guidance in their career. Every individual gains clarity and insight from different perspectives which enables him/her to evaluate the decency of the job he/she is in or is looking for, or the decency of being/becoming an entrepreneur and the possibilities of being creative and innovative in what he/she does or is going to do. From there he/she consciously can make the next step forward in his/her career, irrespective of gender, age or disabilities.

Gender equality

We believe that women and men should have equal opportunities at work and should be rewarded in the same way and by applying the same criteria. We make our clients aware of these issues whenever applicable and empower them to make gender equality happen.

Our Team

We are all enthusiastic entrepreneurs who believe that a multi-disciplinary team will add more value to its clients than can be done by each of us individually.

We all have a business background and therefore understand how business works.

In our approach we believe in empowerment, enthusiasm, collaboration, being independent, ethics and digging deeper. We base our approach on scientific research and arrive at practical solutions.

Strategic Alliance

We are very proud to have established a strategic alliance with the Jungian Institute Nijmegen, headed by Dr. H.A.J. Rump MEd. With this alliance we ensure the scientific background of our assessments and associated services for the benefit of our customers.

Our Customers

We offer our services to professionals, entrepreneurs, staff members, managers, executives, project teams, management teams and management boards who operate in SMEs and large enterprises.

Since we are located at High Tech Campus in Eindhoven we pay special attention to professionals and companies in this multicultural high tech ecosystem.

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