Career coaching and team development for professionals and companies in high-tech

Self awareness:
the key to growth
in high-tech

Better team results with improved collaboration and authenticity

Teams perform better when people have a sense of belonging and feel valued. Self-knowledge is a powerful tool to achieve success both as a person and as a company. When standards and values are shared, people demonstrate a high degree of loyalty to your company. We gladly help you to reach insights about a person’s role fit and cultural fit within the company. Grasp valuable understanding on topics like burn-out, diversity and inclusion and get people empowered to act from a place of strength. Feel invited to tackle issues thoroughly and grow as a person, as a team and as a company.

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Team effectiveness

  • For (new) teams that want to improve collaboration and performance
  • Benefit from knowing the real strengths of your team members, diversity and interdisciplinarity
  • Find out how talent development goes together with the enhanced striking power of your company
  • Accomplish genuine synergy

Staff-awareness & self-management

  • For professionals in high-tech and industry
  • Find out which talents are available in the company
  • Connect people to business strategy and organisational culture
  • Improve staff confidence
  • Astonishing results can be achieved when a team is led by leaders who provide secure base leadership

About you

Self-aware employees:

are less susceptible to burnout / communicate more effectively thanks to insight in role and cultural fit /
demonstrate stronger ties with the company / improve performance by using their discovered ‘hidden’ qualities / keep increased intrinsic motivation / are enjoying more satisfaction at work and beyond

Clarify & Enable

Discover hidden strengths in the team. Reflection will bring insight on role and cultural fit within team and company. We ensure feeling secure in this process.



Define & Decide

Ready to improve team performance? Once the potential and fit is clearly understood we help defining next steps and decision making.


make the next step

Get empowered

People get reinforced. Self-knowledge and grip on self-development improves functioning, communication and intrinsic motivation.


follow the path

Find fulfillment

Full understanding of the key factors that lead to motivated and energetic people. Achieve results: individually, as a team and as a company.



Are you ready to take up this challenge? Let’s make this exiting journey together.


“Before I visited Bluetivity, I was accustomed to running from urgency to urgency, never having the time to focus on building the company and myself, as there was always that ‘one more thing’ to take care of before focusing on that. Bluetitvity helped me take a step back, and really reflect both on the company and myself, without these constant urgencies. This resulted in me being able to finally take necessary steps for both myself and the company, and for which I’m very grateful.”
Managing director

Free exploration. Let’s get acquainted

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Our approach

As our logo expresses it: our goal is to empower people to share their uniqueness with others in their business environment.
This way everyone can grow and achieve results together. Self-aware people are more aware of their surroundings and take
better decisions. This will enhance your company’s striking power and the potential for talent development

The method we use supports our vision: Self-in-Context-PrincipleTM. We assess and coach people in the context of the work
environment, inside-out and outside-in simultaneously. Our multidisciplinary perspective enables valuable insights. The result
of this approach is a more complete and balanced way forward.

Find out how you can benefit from our services and our approach.