Career coaching and team development for professionals and companies in high-tech


Your employees become empowered to

be more confident, authentic and creative – develop stronger and more satisfying relationships at the job – show more empathy to others – be more persuasive – take better decisions – reduce anxiety and stress – improve their well-being – lead more effectively – connect business strategy and organizational culture

Self-Awareness Assessment

Your employees will

  • find out who they truly are
  • get to know their hidden drives and capabilities
  • understand patterns of interaction within your organisation
  • discover opportunities on their career path
  • prepare their personal development plan
  • define their next move

Leadership Development

Leader/leadership candidates will

  • learn to deal effectively with change and innovation
  • increase their role awareness and role fit
  • connect colleagues to your business strategy and organisational culture
  • learn about the importance of secure base leadership
  • understand business-specific leadership topics in your organisation


Your employees make effective change happen by

  • improving self-believe
  • discovering blockages and vicious circles
  • deploying strengths more effectively
  • benefitting from weaknesses
  • developing (underutilized) capabilities
  • realising the next moves
  • achieving goals with self-confidence

Compact Career Checkup

Your employees will

  • find out where they stand in their career
  • widen their professional development perspective
  • discover if they are still on the right track
  • take better decisions about how to move forward
  • reach their career goals with confidence

Team Development

Teams improve collaboration and performance by

  • deploying team strengths more effectively
  • deeper understanding of team roles and culture
  • better insight into team-learning, team-performance and the effect of a healthy work climate
  • fostering talent development in your organizational context
  • exploring business-specific team topics in your organisation
Are you ready to take up the challenge to improve? Let’s find out together

Our fees

Applicable fees for business clients

1 hour coaching/assessment 1-on-1 € 145 (offline) or € 130 (online) excluding VAT. Please note, offline service is offered within Brainport Area,
Europe’s most innovative technology region around Eindhoven.