Self-in-Context-Principle ™ and our expertise

The core represents you, your team. The ring around represents your business environment with its unwritten rules, underlying forces and causes. Our approach is to work inside out and outside in simultaneously while involving multiple disciplines. As such we act as a multidisciplinary team. This Self-in-Context-Principle ™ defines our unique combination of different perspectives resulting in a more complete and balanced assessment. In this way, new insights emerge and you, your team will reap the benefits.

Depth Psychology

We focus on the energetic force field within you and seek for underlying motives of your behavior.


We support you in achieving specific personal or professional goals by providing guidance, stimulation and inspiration.

Change Management

We support you in communicating and making organizational change.


We support you by listening with empathy, sharing experiences, creating clarity, being a reliable sounding board, stimulation and encouragement.