Career coaching and personal growth for professionals and companies in high-tech

Self awareness:
the key to fulfillment
in high-tech

A sense of belonging, empowered to grow

Being meaningful in life is a great energizer and motivator. Take more charge of your career and personal development by increasing your self awareness in relation to your work environment. We would feel privileged to let you see yourself through new eyes. Feel invited to tackle issues thoroughly, stand in your power and truly find wholeness, both privately and in your work.

Bluetivity is part of the vibrating ecosystem of High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Personal growth

  • For professionals aspiring for growth in their job and as a person
  • Pay attention to your desire for behavioral change to increase your effectiveness
  • Explore your ambitions and dreams for the future
  • Profoundly develop yourself for the next career step
  • Gain insight into how your working environment and corporate culture can contribute to your development as a professional and as a person

Self-awareness & self-management

  • For professionals in high-tech and industry
  • Break vicious cycles and take better decisions
  • Get an insight into your uniqueness
  • Dare to take charge and find the right track
  • Discover opportunities on your career path

About you

Empowerment will enable you to:

break vicious circles / give direction to your career / gain control over your professional development /
take better decisions / develop fruitful relationships with your management and colleagues / reduce stress at work /
prevent burn-out / feel stimulated and energized on your path forward

Our stepwise approach

Clarify & Enable

View your situation from a different perspective. We offer you insight and clarity. Get inspired to discover yourself in the context of your environment.


discover yourself

Define & Decide

Your wisdom and common sense is appreciated! Once you identified your potential we facilitate in defining next steps and decision making.


make your next step

Get empowered

Meet yourself and learn to see yourself with new eyes. Feel truly understood as well as ready to grow personally and careerwise.


follow your path

Find fulfillment

You have taken charge of your personal growth, well done! Knowing your true strengths and weaknesses will make change happen.



Are you ready to take up this challenge? Let’s make this exiting journey together.


“Bluetivity’s approach to finding your true strengths and motivations really helps to put things in perspective. It helped me finding my right direction to a fulfilling life and career.”

E-commerce director

Free exploration. Let’s get acquainted

Find out what drives the team

Our approach

As our logo expresses it: our goal is that you feel comfortable and in sync with your surroundings so you can grow and blossom. Your question is the starting point to explore and combine different perspectives on your uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses. The method we use supports our vision: Self-in-Context-PrincipleTM. We assess and coach you in the context of your work environment, inside-out and outside-in simultaneously. Based on the newly found self-knowledge we help you gain the ability to visualise your next step to growth and more complete and fulfilling life.

Find out how you can benefit from our services and our approach.