I was recommended Bluetivity by one of my colleagues. The programme was easy to follow and they were extremely flexible to my needs in both location and time. The process of looking at my development internally as well as externally I found to be truly enlightening. Although the first psychological part was hard emotionally, I came out of the process in a much better place. The question I posed at the start was thoroughly investigated and I am 100% confident I am now on the right path thanks to Maron and Frans. Even though I have been skeptical of life coaches in the past, if you have a significant dilemma or decision to make regarding what direction to take, I would highly recommend Bluetivity to support you.

Bluetivity offers a truly unique coaching experience. Their inside out, outside in approach not only prompted deep personal reflection, but it also placed my values and behaviours in the context of my working environment. Maron and Frans balance empathy and confrontation in a way that challenges and motivates you to be a better you. They genuinely want you to achieve your goals, and they’ll help you get there.

Bluetivity’s approach to finding your true strengths and motivations really helps to put things in perspective. It helped me finding my right direction to a fulfilling life and career.

I reached out to Bluetivity to discover where my potential lays as a future university graduate and young professional. The care and depth of their approach, which was customized to fit my personal goals and needs, continued to exceed my expectations. I would highly recommend Bluetivity to anyone who is uncertain about their career or needs to reflect on their professional goals.

Bluetivity’s Compact Career Checkup will help you in making a well-founded future career decision. I was able to identify my personal strengths and to discover which business aspects I truly consider as important. After the assessment, you will find yourself in a stronger position.

Before I visited Bluetivity, I was accustomed to running from urgency to urgency, never having the time to focus on building the company and myself, as there was always that ‘one more thing’ to take care of before focusing on that. Bluetitvity helped me take a step back, and really reflect both on the company and myself, without these constant urgencies. This resulted in me being able to finally take necessary steps for both myself and the company, and for which I’m very grateful.

Before my sessions with Bluetivity, I was running into a wall. I felt like I had no true passion which made it difficult to apply focus. However, through the sessions with Bluetivity I came to the knowledge that I was in a loop. A loop of topic hopping and getting things done but at the same time not getting things done. We explored what has worked for me in the past and why this happened, in a way I could not have imagined. These explorations led to insights, insights which I am sure will impact my way of approaching things in a positive and constructive way.

I truly believe that Bluetivity has a full-circle approach where if you start it, you can be sure that you will get extremely amounts of value if you fully commit.